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Making a difference since 2010.

Vulnerable children, young adults and families are our priority.

At The Knightly Trust, we believe that with the right care and support every child and young adult can live a happy and independent life.

The Knightly Trust provides specialist services and support for vulnerable children and young adults.

We specialise in children and young adults with an Autistic spectrum condition and special educational needs.

The Knightly Trust delivers children and young adult services in London and neighbouring boroughs. We set up  a Teaching agency for schools, home study programs, one-to-one tutoring services, activity sessions and group training initiatives for vulnerable children and young adults with special educational needs and disabilities and the professionals working with them.

Our dedicated team of teachers,teaching assistants,behaviour specialists,carers,support workers and consultants have been supporting vulnerable children and children with special educational needs across London.

In 2017, The Knightly Trust was inspired to deliver these services to mainstream schools as we discovered a gap in agencies providing teachers and teaching assistants with the skills and patience needed to work with vulnerable children and those with special educational needs long term.

Many children and young adults are struggling to:

  • stay in school and engage with the national curriculum
  • form positive relationships and make friends
  • manage day to day life
  • secure employment or training opportunities

We encourage and support children and young adults to:

  • reach individual academic milestones specifically in reading, writing and speech
  • develop healthy habits and lifestyles
  • build positive relationships with other children/young adults
  • support in assisted living and accessing housing
  • find suitable training/employment

Our services have become very important to the families we support, further emphasising the need for these services to be more accessible to more families and schools.

Parent/carers requiring our services, please contact the Service Manager directly: liz@theknightlytrust.org

Local Authority and Schools, please go to the Schools section of the website.