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Children in care and care leavers can sometimes struggle in school because of their early experiences of trauma and separation from their birth family.

When a child’s birth parents are unable to look after them and they are taken into care, the separation and loss the child feels is traumatic.

These early traumatic experiences can make it difficult for children to regulate their emotions well enough to learn and develop in school.

That’s why The Knightly Trust support our staff to respond to children in care in a loving and inspiring way.

Many Children in Care have suffered disruption to their learning. Gaps in their learning and the emotional impact of their experiences are likely to have become significant barriers to their progress. Many children also suffer from attachment disorders, which can affect how they react in stressful situations.

Our staff understand the things which affect how Children in Care learn and achieve.

We want to help children in care, especially those at risk of exclusion, to stay in school and enjoy learning.

We do this by offering an extensive training programme for our teachers and teaching support staff. Training includes:-

  • Understanding the challenges and meeting the needs of children in care and care leavers
  • Supporting children in care and care leavers in education
  • Practical techniques to support learners dealing with trauma
  • Positive communication and response to children in care

Our staff are committed, caring and concerned about the welfare of children in care.

We aim to:

  • Promote a culture of high expectations and aspirations for how Children in Care learn; ensuring that the pupil premium plus money is spent to support them to meet the targets set at their PEP meeting
  • Make sure the young person has a voice in setting learning targets;
  • Plan and use differentiated teaching strategies including assessment for learning and behaviour management strategies appropriate for individual looked after children
  • Make sure that Children in Care are prioritised in one to one tuition arrangements and that carers understand the importance of supporting learning at home;
  • Focus on how everyone contributes to promoting the child’s educational achievement;
  • Help the school maximise educational stability for the child, especially by finding ways of sharing information through the PEP: working in partnership with the foster carer, social worker and Virtual School.

On leaving care, the challenges can continue for many care leavers. A safe home, decent mental health care and someone to support them on a consistent basis is very important.

The most vulnerable young people are falling between the gaps in complicated and over-stretched support systems.

Every year that passes, some of the most vulnerable young people who leave care, disappear from the radar, only reappearing when things have reached crisis point.

The Knightly Trust’s priority is the child in care and we will always shift the focus back on to them and put their needs first.

We work with Schools, Virtual schools,Local Authorities, PRUs, Carers and Guardians extensively.

If you are in need of staff who understand children in care (CLA)  or require professional training Contact us…..